Let’s take a look at today’s world:
Lucie from Paris blogs about vegetarian cooking. She is passionate about sharing new recipes with her 50,000 followers and talking about the characteristics of unique ingredients.
A few thousand miles away we see Erik in his apartment in Oslo late at night, finally finishing his new eBook about vegetarian food- an eBook he put all his love into and is now finally ready for the world to read, and to fill his pockets with cash.
Let’s take a closer look into their minds.
“Vegetarian cooking is my passion and I would love to share more of its value with the world, but it takes up so much time. How can I generate income from it?”
“There are so many people in the world interested in healthy, vegetarian food, but how can I help them find my eBook?”
Lucie, Erik- we connect you!!
On Wealthspider, you can generate income from your blog, facebook page, twitter account or any other content platform channel by choosing and displaying hyper-targeted advertisements that would be interesting to your followers.

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How does it work for Lucie and Erik?
Lucie enters the details of her blog on the Wealthspider platform and lets us search for potential adverts that would be interesting for her followers.
1 minute, done.
One Day later, Erik enters the advertisement for his eBook on the Wealthspider platform.
1 minute, done.
Now the Wealthspider will connect Lucie and Erik, and tells Lucie that Erik has an advertisement that would be interesting to her followers.
Lucie can now check what Erik wants to advertise and if she thinks that his Ebook would be interesting to her followers.
If Lucie approves, she can propose an offer to Erik for how much she would like in order to place his ad on her blog.
When the offer is sent, Wealthspider connects Erik with the possible channel.
Erik can now accept the offer and pay on a secure Wealthspider account.
After Lucie places the advertisement on her blog, Erik approves the payment and starts to benefit from new clients and higher sales while Lucie generates income from Wealthspider.